Package Bandwidth Youtube Usage Limit Price
2AM – 12PM 12PM – 2AM
Package 01 4 mbps
2 mbps
720p Bufferless
Unlimited 800 tk/month
Package 02 8 mbps 4 mbps 1080p Bufferless
Unlimited 1000 tk/month
Package 03 12 mbps 6 mbps 1080p Bufferless
Unlimited 1400 tk/month
Package 04 16 mbps 8 mbps 1440p Bufferless
Unlimited 1800 tk/month

Special Feature

  • Bufferless Youtube
  • Extra bandwidth for Facebook
  • BDIX Connected
  • Up to 50 Mbps Bandwidth From FTP Server
  • No Fair Usage Policy
  • All Packages Are Unlimited

Area Coverage: B.Ed College,Fultola,Gashiya Para, Boro Mia Moshjid, Bakalia High School Road, K.B Aman Ali Road, Omar Ali Matbar Road, Abdul Hamid School Road, Puraan 4 Tola, Yaar Mohammad School Lane, Rahattarpul, Sayad Shah Road, Bank Colony, Barua Colony, Monoroma R/A, Rasulbag R/A, Shubujbag R/A, Mofizur Rahman R/A, Arambag R/A, Landmark Housing Society, Ehsan City, D.C Road (Falah Gazi Moshjid).

Terms & Condition

  • First month’s fee payable at the time of signup
  • Initial setup and configuration charge is required.
  • Fresh set up and configuration charge shall be applicable in case of shifting the connection, if required.
  • Speeds mentioned in the Package are maximum download speed.
  • No refund of the prepaid plan package value will be made, if surrendered within plan time.
  • Prepaid Package change is not allowed during plan time.
  • E-Village is responsible for delivering the service on a single point to the customer premise. This will be a PC/Laptop or Router.
  • All the equipment supplied by E-Village remains E-Village’s Property this include cable,switch,media converter etc.
  • E-Village is not responsible for installation and maintenance of the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment).